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[How to get prawn shrimp line]

[How to get prawn shrimp line]

[How to get prawn shrimp line]

It is possible that small shrimps such as kiwi shrimp that people generally eat in their lives, but in some oceans, large prawns can grow.

The price of prawns is also relatively expensive, but Dashan has an advantage that it has more shrimp meat, so prawns make people feel more satisfied.

However, prawn lines also exist in prawns, so you must get them out before eating prawns, so that some people can eat them better. What are the ways to make prawn lines?

The first step in the processing method of live shrimp is to cut the shrimp head and cut it from the shrimp brain at a 45 degree angle.

Step 2: Use scissors to pick out the shrimp brain.

Adjacent to the front of the shrimp is shrimp yellow, which is a good thing. If you have shrimp yellow, be careful when picking them and try to keep them.

Step 3: Gently pull out the shrimp brain, and some shrimp intestines will be pulled out.

Step 4: Cut off the tail of the shrimp. When cutting, bring a little tail meat, because there may also be sphincter muscles here. You can’t squeeze the shrimp intestines without cutting more.

Step 5: Squeeze the shrimp intestine, squeeze the back of the shrimp with your index finger and thumb, and press hard on the tail, and the shrimp intestine will come out.

Step 6: Wash it last, and you can make shrimp.

How to get to shrimp line 1.

Fresh shrimp, lively when you buy it, only 1/3 of it in the water when you go home is alive. Prepare a toothpick to pick shrimp.

From the connection point of the shrimp head and the shrimp body, use the toothpick to pass the shrimp body (the joint between the shrimp head and the shrimp body is 1 joint).Will pick out how to get to shrimp line 2.

The result of picking is that the shrimp line near the side of the shrimp head will be picked out first and slowly pull the shrimp line by hand. The end of the shrimp line near the tail will be pulled out. There is a super sharp thorn in the middle of the top of the shrimp head.Cut it off, otherwise you may hurt your hands or mouth with a stab.

How to get to shrimp line 3.

Use a toothpick to pierce the connection between the shrimp head and the shrimp body. Use a toothpick to rinse the black and black tissue with a toothpick. Some internal organs are concentrated here, as well as sandbags. Some parts that are relatively dirty are relatively untreated and unprocessed.After the shrimp is processed, there are 5 steps in total. There are two methods of cutting off the shrimp whiskers, shrimp spines, shrimp feet, picking shrimp lines, and clearing the internal organs of the head.Do n’t twist it off, slowly rotate the shrimp head, and the shrimp intestine will be drawn out. Is it clean?

The second kind: shrimp head and shell, leave shrimp tail, insert the back of the shrimp and cut on both sides, pull the shrimp back with your hands, can you see the shrimp intestines, it is easy to take out.