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[Cooking method of Liuzhou Sour Bamboo Shoots]_Preserved Secret Recipes_Authentic Practice

[Cooking method of Liuzhou Sour Bamboo Shoots]_Preserved Secret Recipes_Authentic Practice

[Cooking method of Liuzhou Sour Bamboo Shoots]_Preserved Secret Recipes_Authentic Practice

Sour bamboo shoots are a kind of popular food in many regions. They are prepared by using bamboo shoots as ingredients. Because of their crispy texture, they are particularly popular.

However, although the bamboo shoots are good, they are marinated, so eating more is not good for the body.

The method of pickling bamboo shoots is not particularly difficult, and the process is relatively simple. Let me introduce the methods of pickling bamboo shoots and precautions for eating.

I. Introduction to Sour Bamboo Shoots Sour bamboo shoots are a traditional seasoning of Nanxiong.

On a hot summer day, bamboo shoot juice is added to the leftovers, and the leftovers have no smell after the night.

Most families in urban and rural areas are prepared with sour bamboo shoots.

The Achang people like to eat sour foods, mainly sour bamboo shoots, sauerkraut, and sour meat. This is a major feature of the Achang diet culture.

Sour food is an essential daily replacement for the Achang people. Common sour foods are sour bamboo shoots and pickled vegetables.

Second, the practice of pickling Sour Bamboo Shoots 1. Four big bamboos, only the hard part is needed.

2. Slice first, then cut into thick wires, and drain the water.

3, take a clean bucket, pot is also possible, pour salt and bamboo shoots, the amount of salt as long as almost every bamboo shoot can be touched, not too salty!

4. Rub the bamboo shoots all the time, squeeze out the water, and then pour it into a clean, water-free and oil-free container.

5, the lid must be tightly closed, marinated for about 1 month, do not open in the middle!

Just keep it in a cool place!

6. The bamboo shoots are well marinated, and the taste is relatively red. The bitterness will be removed before leaving the sour taste.

Third, the precautions for eating sour bamboo shoots 1. It is definitely not good to eat too many sour bamboo shoots. Most of the sour bamboo shoots and pickles are marinated. After fermentation inside, it is easy to produce nitrite.

Nitrite is a carcinogen, which has been clearly researched and demonstrated, so we must eat less preserved products as much as possible to prevent cancer.

People who eat sauerkraut often increase the risk of cancer. It is best to eat less sauerkraut, especially not to eat it every day. The incidence of gastric cancer will be higher than that of ordinary people.

2. Be careful of allergies when eating spring bamboo shoots.

Spring is already prone to allergies. For people who are prone to absorb allergies, eating bamboo shoots can also cause urticaria.

Therefore, children should eat moderate amounts of spring bamboo shoots, and cannot eat bamboo shoots. The elderly must eat the bamboo shoots slowly and slowly.

To prevent allergies, eat a small amount of bamboo shoots and stop immediately if there is a reaction.

If you use bamboo shoots and diced bamboo shoots, you need to boil the bamboo shoots with boiling water for 5?
10 minutes, then stir fry with other food.

In this way, it can decompose most of the oxalic acid at high temperature to reduce the disadvantages, and it can also make the taste more delicious without astringent feeling.

At the same time, try not to eat with sea fish when eating bamboo shoots to avoid causing skin diseases.

3. Sour bamboo shoots contain a large number of acidic objects, and the salt content of pickled vegetables is high. Continuous taking will affect cardiovascular damage.

Therefore, it is best not to take sauerkraut for a long time, but to eat it appropriately.

In winter, it is especially necessary to supplement fresh vegetables and fruits, which is better for the body.