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Chen style taijiquan

Chen style taijiquan

Chen style taijiquan

In the fifteenth year of the Chen family, Chen Gengzhen was trying to make a living with his father. Because his father Chen Changxing was out of his age, he begged to teach his uncle to have his own family.

In order to make Chen Gengyu’s early martial arts upper body, Chen Youben not only retains the essence of the scalp thirteen styles, but also highlights the explosive power, enlarges the frame type, and personally tutors for more than a year.

The two discussed and researched and created a type of frame. From then on, in order to distinguish it from the headgear thirteen, a small, large circle of narrative was produced.

Chen Gengzhen taught this type of frame in his family and passed it to his grandson, Chen Chenke. In 1928, he was hired to give a boxing in Beijing. The frame was announced in the world.”Traditional practice is called “small frame.”

  The training of Chen style Taijiquan pays attention to the small circle to the small circle, and the small circle to the endless circle is the peak.

In history, Chen’s Taijiquan is neither large nor small, but also in training methods. For beginners, the master wants to make the apprentice get started as soon as possible, so that the apprentice can start from the big circle and the outer circle.Gradually training, after the apprentice mastered the movement law of Chen’s Taijiquan circle and circle, then gradually transition from the big circle to the small circle, the outer ring transitions to the inner circle, and the formation of the strong road along the axial direction and limb changes,The transmitted spiral is entangled in the wire, reaching the high level of the shape without the circle.

With the development of Taijiquan, in order to distinguish the different practice methods of Chenshi Taijiquan, there are large frames and small frames (large circles, small circles).

Today’s Chen Taijiquan is a big frame, and the technical structure of the small frame is the same except for the different forms of action.

The big boxers also emphasized that the circle will gradually shrink, and the small frame training also began to expand the circle. The training process is basically the same, so there is a saying that “the big frame is not big, the small frame is not small”.

  The small frame is known only because it is taught only within the family and is strictly controlled.

Today’s Chen’s “small frame” descendants have also begun to teach outside, but due to the late start, the scope of expansion is still limited.

The representative figures of the contemporary Chen taijiquan “small frame” include: Chen Kezhong, Chen Kezhong, Chen Boxiang, the 19th generation descendant Chen Liqing, Chen Lixian, Chen Boxian and so on.

Today, their descendants and students are actively working on the development of the Chen Taijiquan.

  The characteristics of Chen’s Taijiquan “small frame”: 1.

Body law: “I don’t want to go to the top of the line, but I don’t want to go straight.”

The body of the boxing frame can not be swayed up and down, swinging left and right; the intention is sinking, the center of gravity is lowered, and the center of gravity is basically kept on a horizontal line (except for individual movements such as crossover, golden chicken independence, paving dragons, etc.).


Manipulation: “Do not put your hands together, and pass through the air to the belly; but the upper eyebrows, the downwards seem to loosen; the inner turn of the thumb is in the middle line, the outer transport does not probe, the elbow tip; the gluttonous clip, the rib skin is opposite.”

Two hands to the joint, four or six yin and yang; Walloon palm, big, small pointing, intentional mother, food, middle finger; hand movement range is bounded by the body midline, left and right hand each tube half, up the line does not exceed the eyebrows, toThe downside is intended to be loose; don’t be greedy, don’t get back, leave room, and be fair.


Step by step: “The feet are taboo, Ding, remember to fit the toes; the inner soles are heavy, the second toe is leading; the heel is converted, the step is big and the legs are long, and the step is small and vertical.”

According to the needs of the opening and closing, the two feet are basically kept parallel, avoiding the eight-footed foot and the T-shaped foot (the two roots are not in the nest shape, the ankle is lost in the arc shape, and the word “person” is sharp, and the round can not be realized.); from the 胯 down to the inner (reverse entanglement), falling on the soles of the feet, two feet on the feet; not greedy, flexible and flexible, striding no more than one leg long, small steps not less than a vertical foot.


“Ningjin does not retreat, and the next is the first.”

The center of gravity is not retreating; the conversion is first.


Eyes: “God will not shake beforehand.”

God is in the forehand, but the eyes are not fixed on the forehand, and the head can’t shake.


Jinfa: “You are very open, you can’t be wrong.”

The chest relaxes and spreads to the outside, so that the scorpion is wrapped from front to back, inside, wrapped in the roots, and formed in the back and front to form a round squat; the squat is the hub of the waist and legs, in the motion rotation, is the toeCoaxial and femoral and perineum, from the body (life gate) and the shoulder fracture and the humerus, the ulna straight to the fingertips of the “wrenching silk”, also known as “spiral strength”; when the yin and yang conversion, after the squat, the lower arcLike a tray, remember not to twist, can not be smashed; two 胯 ∞ ∞ 不断 不断 不断 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


There are many rounds and fewer rounds.

The circle is taken to make the force from the foot and the bottom-up transmission under the condition of loose and round.

In addition, walking the circle is also easy to maintain the stability of the body.

Therefore, the small frame is mostly round, or has a small angle.


There are many rounds and fewer arcs.
The whole circle is for the integrity of the road, reducing the extra ground repeating accumulation, realizing, coherent, and quick attack.