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[Dried Baked Beans]_Dried Baked Beans

[Dried Baked Beans]_Dried Baked Beans

[Dried Baked Beans]_Dried Baked Beans

There are various foods in life, vegetarian foods, and cooking methods. Beans are the general name of leguminous fruits, and they are an edible food.

As a home-cooked dish, dried bean curd is easy to cook, the dried season is moderate, and it is delicious.


Prepare 300g cowpeas, 4 dried peppers, and an appropriate amount of onion, ginger, and garlic.

Hot oil in the pan, wash and fry the appropriate length of beans, fry the skin and crepe.

Add green onion, ginger and garlic, add salt, vinegar, soy sauce sugar, stir-fry the cowpeas, and add a small amount of water.

Out of the pot, finished, isn’t it easy!


Prepare the main ingredients 豇豆 豆 1 catty.

Accessories: 5 dried chili peppers, 25 peppercorns, 12 edible oils, edible salt, Haitian flavor extremely fresh soy sauce and chicken essence (MSG).

Then pick and wash the cowpeas, and cut them into 3-4 cm long. Wash and cut the dried peppers into sections.

Heat the edible oil in a wok to stir-fry the peppercorns, turn the peppercorns into black and remove them, then put in the chili segment and cowpea simmer over high heat.

After the black beans are discolored, continue to stir fry over low heat. Add chicken essence (MSG) and appropriate amount of Haitian flavor soy sauce (not necessary) when there is not much water.

Drying is to add more oil when cooking other vegetables than to other vegetables. Do not put water in so that the vegetables are cooked in the oil.


Wash the beans, fold into small pieces, use the cooking wine for minced meat, mix and marinate the ginger, garlic slices, and peel and slice the ginger.

Put the oil in the wok. After the peppercorn grains burst out, the peppercorn grains are shoveled out and unused. Of course, you can also keep them fried together.

Stir-fry minced meat until slightly yellow and lift up.

Pour in dried chili segments, garlic slices, ginger slices and stir-fry.

Pour in the beans and stir-fry, add an appropriate amount of salt and continue to stir-fry until the surface of the beans is yellow.

Pour in the sprouts and minced meat, and add some soy sauce, chicken powder, and spring onion.