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[Danger of porridge water powder]_ Harm _ Harm

[Danger of porridge water powder]_ Harm _ Harm

[Danger of porridge water powder]_ Harm _ Harm

Every baby needs to drink milk when he grows up healthily, but brewing milk powder is also a lot of tricks.

In rural areas, many elderly people think that brewing milk powder with porridge rice will nourish the milk powder again, and the baby will grow stronger after eating.

In fact, this is the wrong concept of the older generation, brewing milk powder with porridge rice is harmful to the baby’s body.

Here’s what the dangers of using porridge rice to make milk powder are.

1. Porridge water and milk powder are rich in nutrients, but it should not be mixed for children.

Because milk powder contains fat-soluble vitamin A produced in general foods, and porridge water is the juice made from rice and water, with starch as the main ingredient, which contains a trace amount of oxidase. When it encounters fat solubility in milk powderVitamin A can cause all damage.

In the long run, children who are mainly resistant to intake of vitamin A in dairy foods will have stunted growth and development, poor disease resistance, easy to get sick, and porridge water cannot completely replace plain water.

2. Do not eat with milk powder. This way, digestion and absorption are not very good. Milk powder is prepared with boiling water. The baby’s digestion and absorption effect is the best.If it is mixed, it will greatly affect the absorption of milk powder.

And milk powder preparation has very high water requirements. The amount of water must be according to the instructions. Too much water is insufficient and nutrition is too small. If it is too little, the baby’s body will lose water due to insufficient water, and serious dehydration.

Second, you can make your baby distinguish between milk powder and rice noodles. This is when the baby’s taste buds begin to develop, so it is best to eat them separately.

3. Porridge water often contains too much phytic acid, which will combine with calcium, iron, zinc and other metal elements in milk, which will affect its absorption.

Therefore, it is not recommended to make milk powder with porridge water.

If you use porridge water instead of water to prepare milk powder, you should add some calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals appropriately.